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New York Time Square

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Dreame is a collective of artists and dreamers. Co- Creators from around the world.

Dreame is a visual representation of our personality & passions; inspiring ourselves daily with our dreams. Now we can decorate our daily accessories with our passions, inspirations and stories.

This year, The Big Dream is collecting 50,000 dreams from around the world for the future of our universe. Many of these dreams will be transformed into 500 individual artworks by 50 artists. They have been collated into one video art piece, projected in 20 locations worldwide on 2.22.22 and in early April journeyed to the International Space Station with the Rakia and Axiom- A1 Mission. Throughout the year the art will be exhibited in a range of locations. My work displayed both in New York Time Sqaure and Melbourne Fedration Square.

Let’s explore the depths of our imaginations. Expressing our true selves is the true source to catharsis, happiness and soulfulness.


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