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 This book includes 65 student's essays, who from the studio in Master of Communication Design at RMIT University in the second semester of 2018. It's a casual essay, everyone shares their 3 favorite books and give their thinking, tell a story to the readers. We can see many different opinions "about books" in this book.

This book is more like a journal to record everyone’s thoughts and understanding of typography.
65 students tell you their story, they use straightforward words so that you can easy to understand even if you never touch the typography before. Ideas are controversial in this book, but you can better understand what is typography, what are the important things when designing a book?

Is the san serif typeface more modern than serif font? What and where is the future for the typography?

You could find the all the answer in this book, even find that new understanding of the book with an intense crash in your mind.

I hope this little book could arouse your thoughts on typography and answer you.


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